Here are some news from our band


Happy New Year!

2020 was a crazy year. I thought it would be a year to DJ more, release some tracks, and travel. Then COVID hit us. Being in quarantine and the shutdown of entertainment venues, made people move to IG/Facebook Live,Twitch, or stay secluded in their studio. In my case I was busy with work, online class for my son’s school, and family.
This great pause gave me a chance to work other things, work on tracks, and just relax.
Even with a vaccine released, I doubt we’ll get back to how it was in 2019 until 2022 or 2023.
With that said I’ll be releasing 1 track a month starting in April 2021.

Like EPMD…. Back In Business!!!!

Ambrosio Dinero AKA DJ Intelkt is proud to announce the relaunch of Vintage Vibe Music (V2M) in 2019. V2M was founded in late 2007 and it’s last release of Ambrosio Dinero’s Afriteka EP was picking up steam on the boutique dance store music charts. V2M went on hiatus in 2011 after Ambrosio got married and had his first child.

Now Ambrosio Dinero is back with an extensive catalog to drop.